Why are Painters considered to be the most important trade?

Why are Painters considered to be the most important trade?

Imagine this: you just paid a small fortune for your new house. It’s entirely built and you’re ready to move in, but once you open the front door and ceremoniously place your first box on the ground, you glance at the walls and see bare, unpainted drywall. Completely unacceptable, right?

This is why painters are taken for granted. While every other trade (concrete layers, plumbers, carpenters, drywallers, etc.) has a part in how solidly the house is built, that house is not complete until after the painters have come in and done their job. 

Painted walls are the first thing that people notice upon entering a house. How well the paint is applied and any treatments that have been added are as important as whether or not the plumbing works. In fact, plumbers have the advantage of their pipes never being seen by the average homeowner, whereas painters have their work admired or criticized by everyone who enters a house, making their trade the most important of them all. This is why home improvement centers have aisle upon aisle of paint colors, types and brands, while there are only one or two of each kind of pipe. 

On top of that, painting is considered to be an important part in the decorating of each house. Often, the first step taken in a home makeover is to re-paint the walls before tackling the rest of the room. The color sets the tone for the entire room, so it must be chosen wisely. 

Here at Pride Paint & Tile we can help you not only pick out the best paint color for your walls, but can also advise you as to what type of paint is best. Our guaranteed work means that we aren’t happy with the work done until you’re happy. So, make your house look complete by giving us a call.