Unique Painting Projects: Helicopter Landing Pad

Unique Painting Projects: Helicopter Landing Pad

Helicopter landing pads are one of those things that no one really thinks about. They seem to magically appear out of thin air, however, someone has to paint them.

Symbols to Use

Helicopter landing pads traditionally consist of several symbols. There is the painted circle that goes just inside of the landing pad. This circle seems to outline the pad, in a way, and make it more noticeable. In the very center of the landing pad is a cross shape that is outlined, usually in black, with another smaller outline just inside of it in a contracting color. At the inside of the cross is a huge capital letter “H,” for “helicopter.” The “H” is solid and all one color. All of these tricky elements mean that huge stencils must be used to keep the lines crisp and visible.

Techniques to Use

Since helicopter landing pads are made of concrete, and are therefore porous, several coats of paint are required to make the colors and patterns on the pad stick out. This requires patience, and letting each coat dry before applying the next one in order to make sure that the right color consistency is reached. Exterior paint (or special concrete paint, depending on the circumstances) must be used to ensure that the paint does not fade or become damaged. Helicopters are not light, and can scratch and ding the painted surface over time.

Can I get Creative?

The traditional colors used to paint a helicopter landing pad are black, white and red, although others can be used, depending on the client’s wishes. The most important parts are the cross and the large “H,” as those are what signify the fact that this concrete circle is, indeed, a helicopter landing pad. Without them, it would just be a large concrete circle with no clear purpose or intent – and that can be dangerous.