Tips for Painting Roofs and Ceilings

Tips for Painting Roofs and Ceilings

People don’t often realize that painting their roofs can extend the life of their shingles. This is especially true in an area with a varied climate, like Edmonton. With that said, however, painting roofs (and ceilings) can be tricky. There are the usual worries of paint dripping uncontrollably and all over the place, not to mention the environmental issues involved in painting a portion of your roof. In order to get these types of paint jobs done right, there are several things to keep in mind throughout the painting process.

Choose The Right Paint for Your Roof

If you are painting your roof, you’ll need an exterior paint. This type of paint is designed to last longer in extreme weather conditions and will not fade in the sun or begin to chip right away. However, you will need an acrylic paint for this job, and will get the best results with a paint that’s designed specifically for roofs.

Interior Paint Works Best for Your Ceiling

There are specific types of paint designed for ceilings, as anyone who has spent some time in the paint aisle comparing different shades of “ceiling white” can attest. The main thing to keep in mind is that these cans of “ceiling white” are made of the exact same thing as the interior paint that they are sitting next to. This means that you can paint your ceiling the color of your choice. You are not limited to picking only from among the different shades of white that are presented as options for the ceiling.

Don't Go Overboard

Lastly, you don’t want paint drips all over the sides of your house or the floors in your rooms. Avoid this by not overloading the paint rollers. Apply the paint in thin layers and you won’t make too much of a mess.