Painting Clean Up Tips to Save You Time

Painting Clean Up Tips to Save You Time

Painting itself can be time consuming. Between the coats of primer and paint, plus the drying time in between, it may seem like the process is taking forever. Cleaning up afterwards can be equally long, especially when you have brushes and rollers to clean, not to mention a floor dotted in wayward paint specks. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do before you start painting and while you’re painting that can save you some time.

Prepare for A Mess

Place a drop cloth, newspaper, or old towels on the floor. It doesn’t really matter what you use to cover the floor, as long as they protect it from paint splotches. This saves you plenty of time on clean up, since you won’t have to wipe up each individual paint drip or splotch. Instead, you just have to remove the drop cloth and you’re done!

Keep Water Near

Keep a bucket filled with water nearby. This way you can dunk your brushes in it as your finish with them, and won’t have to spend a large chunk of time cleaning them off later. It also prevents you from having to deal with paint that has hardened on the brushes, as removing the hardened paint requires a time-consuming process.

Cover Anything not Getting Painted

Cover your windows and baseboard with newspaper and painter’s tape. There’s nothing worse than having to scrape dried paint off of your windows. Neatly covering them with newspaper and using painter’s tape to hold it on, won’t harm your windows, and will make cleaning up after your painting project easier – just peel off the newspaper! Your baseboards are a magnet for paint drops and drips, so unless you plan on painting them as well, covering them in painter’s tape will save you time on clean up. Like the newspaper, all that you’ll need to do is remove the tape.