The benefits of using non-toxic, eco-friendly paints

Non Toxic Paints with Pride Paint and Tile

You may have heard about the new paints on the market today that have no toxins and are more friendly for the environment. But what exactly makes them different from regular paint and why should you consider using non-toxic and eco-friendly paints instead of the paints you’re already used to?

What are Volatile Organic Compounds?

Regular paint has VOCs, which is short for volatile organic compounds. VOCs are solvents in paint that release toxic emissions into the air. The toxins aren’t only released at the time of application - they are continually released even years after the painting job has dried.

I’m sure you know how paint stinks when its wet, and how it still smells for several days until it dries completely. This smell is due to the VOCs in the paint. The VOCs actually pollute the indoor air, which is why people are always advised to open windows and ensure enough ventilation while painting.

VOCs used to be an unavoidable aspect of paint, since they were required for the performance of paint, but today we have more options. Eliminating VOCs from paint don’t reduce the quality of paint in any way. Since VOCs are not necessary anymore, there’s no reason for you to continue using toxic paint for your home or your business.

Safer and Better Paint for You

Non-toxic, eco-friendly paints either have very low levels of VOCs or eliminate these chemicals completely from the paint. They have much less odor when wet, and no smell remains once the paint is dried. Plus, no toxins will be released into the indoor air, so you’ll have better indoor air quality when you use non-toxic paint.

VOCs can cause dizziness and headaches, as well as worsen allergies, chemical sensitivity, and respiratory aliments. Moreover, these toxins are suspected to cause cancer in people and animals. Avoid these nasty side effects by sticking to non-toxic paint for your home and your business.

Safer and Better Paint for the Environment

Paint with VOCs are considered hazardous waste, so they have to be disposed of properly, which can be a nuisance. Clean-up of these paints are also messy and toxic, since paint cleaners also contain VOCs.Toxic paint containers that are added to landfills continue to emit toxins into the air, polluting the environment. VOCs in landfills also contribute to ground-level ozone formation, or smog.

Eco-friendly paints contain no toxins, so they are easier to clean up and dispose of. And they’re just better for the world we all live in.