Extreme Commercial Painting: Aircraft Hangers

Extreme Commercial Painting: Aircraft Hangers

Aircraft hangers are massive. They have to be in order to fit whole fleets of airplanes and other aircraft (like helicopters and blimps.) This means that painting them requires a good deal of caution and skill – and that the paint chosen must last for a few years, at least, to make the expense pay off.

Plan It Out

Before an aircraft hanger can be painted, a plan must be formed. Since the hanger is huge, there is no way to paint it all in one day, so it must be broken down into segments. If the interior of the hanger is being painted, the aircraft inside of it must be removed. Otherwise, they risk getting drips of paint on them – and no one wants that to happen. If the hanger holds dozens of airplanes, it is entirely possible for some to still be inside of the hanger on one end while the other is being painted. Then, as the job progresses, the aircrafts can switch off as each segment is completed.

Think Through The Materials

The material that the structure is made out of also needs to be taken into consideration. Usually, the walls and ceilings are made of lightweight, but sturdy sheets of metal. Steel is the usual material, but sometimes aluminum is used, so the paint chosen needs to be one that works well on metal. The color is important as well, and if there are any numbers or letters on the outside of the hanger, these need to be taken into consideration and included in the overall plan.

Can I Start Painting Yet?

Once all of the planning is completed, the painting can commence. A scaffold is needed in order for the painted to safely be able to reach every part of the hanger. Depending on the size of the hanger, either a partial scaffold that can be moved around or a full one that covers the entire hanger is needed. As you can see, a lot of planning goes into painting a hanger, but it is not an impossible task!