Tips for choosing the right commercial painting contractor

Commercial Painting Contractors Edmonton

You want your business to put its best face forward for your customers in order to gain their trust and their business. A really nice paint job can do wonders in making a great first impression. But how do you find a painting contractor?

The most important thing when you’re looking for a painting contractor is to ask a lot of questions to get the information you need to make the right decision. Here is a quick list of 4 things you should always consider when hiring a commercial painter in edmonton.

1. Ask for References.

A good painting contractor will have a long list of happy past customers who are willing to talk with you. Always ask for a list of references when you’re considering a painting contractor and call these references.

You could also ask for before and after photos of past jobs that the painting contractor has done. If you have the time, you could even go to the physical locations of their past paint jobs and look at their work.

2. Get Several Price Quotes.

Call a couple of different painting contractors to get price quotes for the painting job that you need for your business. But in order to get accurate quotes, you’ll need to make a list beforehand including all the information that a painting contractor would need. This includes the square footage of the area to be painted, the colors and gloss levels you want, and the period of time you want it done in. Always get written price quotes.

3. Inquire About the Painting Process.

A professional paint job should include surface preparation, priming, and several coats of paint that are done at a high quality level. Ask about the paint process when you’re talking with a painting contractor. Also, ask about how they will prepare the space for painting. What will the painting contractor do in protecting and moving furniture and flooring?

4. Get a Written Contract.

Once you’ve found a painting contractor you’d like to work with, get a written contract outlining everything about the painting job. Include begin and end dates on the contract and add what the penalty will be if they don’t finish the job on time.

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Pride Painter and Tile would be a great choice for any painting job that you  or your business need! We’ve worked on all kinds of spaces/projects and we've accumulated a great wealth of experience, so we’re highly qualified. We’ll also be happy to provide you with a list of references and show you some amazing before and after photos of our past paint jobs.

When you hire Pride Paint and Tile for your business, you’ll be sure that we’ll be thorough with the painting process and leave your business looking spotless and beautifully painted. We also can schedule our painting times according to your preferred times, so we don’t interfere with your normal business operations.

Safety is also a priority for us - our entire team is certified in first aid, man lift operation, and fall arrest, which is a form of fall protection. We’re concerned about your safety as well, so that’s why we use child safe paint and environment safe paint.

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with our work, we’ll fix it. You’ll also get a 6-month guarantee on workmanship and a 10-year guarantee on all the paints that we use.