Alberta Commercial Painting: Grain Elevators

Alberta Commercial Painting: Grain Elevators

Grain elevators are those tall building that hold harvested grain and prevent it from drying out or decaying before it can be used.  The extreme height of grain elevators makes for an interesting painting challenge; however, it can be done!

Can I Get a Ladder That Tall?

The trick to painting a grain elevator properly – and safely – lies in the scaffolding. A set of well-built, solid scaffolding gives the painters (Pride Paint and Tile, in this case) access to every inch of the building. This makes the process easier, as additional coats of paints can be added when and where it is necessary.

Scaffolding is much safer than using a ladder, as the painters can be attached to it with safety lines. Trying to paint a very tall grain elevator with a ladder would be impractical, not to mention dangerous. With a ladder, only a tiny portion of the grain elevator could be painted at a time, making it hard to add extra coverage. Ladders are also dangerous, since there is no true way to anchor them to the ground or the building.

What Type of Paint Should I Use?

A grain elevator must be painted with exterior paint, just like a house would. Depending on the wear and tear left on the previous paint job, it can either be stripped off or simply painted over. There is usually some patch work and repairs that need to be done as well, since wooden buildings are prone to the occasional cracked or splintered board. All of this will mar the finished surface, so it has to be taken care of before the painting process can begin.

What Should I Paint On It?

The design is also important, as many grain elevators have the name of the farm, its location, or even the farm’s (or grain’s) particular brand on them. This is something that needs to be worked out ahead of time and included in the overall painting plan. Designing is just the first step to great end results!