A DIY guide to interior painting

A DIY guide to interior painting in Edmonton

Choosing a flattering paint color that matches your furniture and coordinates with the rest of your house is only half the battle. The rest involves taking the time to apply the paint to your walls without making a mess or inhaling too many paint fumes, which is why hiring a professional may be your best bet.

If you still insist on trying to do it yourself, before you even leave the home improvement store with your newly purchased paint, make sure to pick up the three most important items:

  • Drop cloths

  • Painting supplies (rollers, brushes, paint pans)

  • Painters tape. 

The drop cloths are number one on the list, because you need to protect your floors and any too-heavy-to-move furniture, or else they may end up covered in splatters of paint. Painting supplies are also important, or else you won’t be able to get the paint on the walls (unless you’re going for a modern art look and simply throw the paint onto the walls straight out of each gallon.) Painters tape is handy to have to cover baseboards and window frames, since it protects them from getting covered with paint and peels off easily, without harming the wood. 

After you’re amassed all of these items, then you have to remove everything that you can from the room. This includes breakable knick knacks and antiques, furniture, and anything that’s hung on the walls. After this is done, you need to patch up any holes in the walls, because you simply can’t paint over them and have the paint end up looking right. Once the patch work dries, then it’s time to bust out the drop cloths and painters tape. All of this has to be done before you even open up a gallon of paint. 

Are you tired yet?

Save yourself the time and effort by hiring Pride Paint & Tile to do the work for you. Once the tough job of picking out a color is done, we do the rest for you.