4 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Painting Contractor

4 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Painting Contractor

Choosing a commercial painting contractor can be a tricky process, especially for DIY-ers who have to face the fact that they simply cannot complete the paint job themselves. In order to hire the right contractor for the job, ask these questions first:

What Do You Plan on Repairing Before You Begin to Paint?

It is rare when a repair does not need to be made before painting can commence. In order to end up with the best looking walls possible, those small dings and dents will need to be fixed before the walls are primed and painted. Sometimes these repairs are included in the price of the job, but in others, they are not. Avoid getting a surprise charge on your bill by asking your painting contractors what they plan on fixing beforehand – and what they will charge for the repair.

What Type of Paint is Best for My Walls?

Depending on where you live and what type of house that you have, certain types of paint may work better than others. The differences between an eggshell and a semi-gloss finish can be hard to determine at first, but might look completely different on your walls, which is why you need to ask the contractor for recommendations before hiring him or her.

Are You Insured in Case of Damage or Accidents?

This is one of the most important questions to ask. If something should accidentally break during the painting process, or even if the contractor falls and hurts himself, you need to know if the problem will be covered by their insurance, instead of your homeowner’s policy.

Do You Offer Any Type of Warranty?

Sometimes things do not work out as planned, and that chosen paint color ends up darker or lighter than you wanted. In cases like this, it is important to have a warranty on the work so that you can have any color changes or fixes done without having to pay a fortune.